Innovation Award by GKN

PROUD MOMENT for Kalyani Technoforge Limited to receive INNOVATION AWARD from GKN for the year 2021”,One more feather in our crown

October 19, 2021

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” –Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi

GKN Automotive, global leaders in eDrive technologies have bestowed INNOVATION AWARD 2021 upon Kalyani Technoforge, making us the first Indian suppliers to receive this award.

We, at Kalyani Technoforge, are backed by technology and innovation and led by high customer satisfaction. Kalyani Technoforge has been highly favored for collaboration by companies of repute across the world.

In the undefined territories of ‘innovation’, designs can take any shape or form. The objective-oriented approach of Kalyani Technoforge has forever been successful in creating a power-packed impact and our efforts have been acknowledged and rewarded.

The Innovation Award 2021 by GKN Automotive recognizes our efforts towards the development of optimized design and use of alternative material grades which resulted in a desirable weight reduction by 36%. We were successful in achieving an additional reduction in costs of application by 17% for premium customers. Close collaboration between Kalyani Technoforge and GKN Automotive has enabled substantial customer cost savings and long-term benefits to GKN and to their customers. The suggested improvements have also increased machinability. It was achieved by very special heat treatment cycle establishments at KTFL.

It is a matter of great pride to watch the company grow while still remaining true to our promise of continued innovation. It is a testament to the spirit and study of the engineers at the forefront of innovation at KFTL, a celebration of the leadership style which allows freedom to think out-of-box ideas and trust of the company to experiment and implement new ideas.

It is a moment of great pride and joy. Congratulations to everyone from the KFTL team on this achievement. We also thank the team at GKN Automotive for their support and for a meaningful partnership.

KTFL is committed to supporting customer needs and dedicates focus on pain areas of customers for their ease.

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