Gear Box and Differential Assembly Overview

Kalyani Transmission Technology Limited (KTTL)expertise in Transmission Design & gear component optimization. KTTL Is a future-oriented and innovative service provider in the field of gear technology with a range of customers including major automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Our core competence lies in the innovative development and production of gears, gearboxes, reducers, etc. . We specialize in meeting stringent requirements in the area of electric or hybridised drive concepts. KTTL supports customers throughout the entire development process – from the initial concept to fully validated prototypes and subsequently to mass production.

KTTL provides all the essential work steps of the entire gearbox development process. The whole project – from concept generation , via detailed engineering and virtual validation of gears, shafts, housings , to the assembly and testing of prototypes – will be managed at the dedicated development centre KCMI(Kalyani Centre for Manufacturing Innovation Center)

KTTL uses a well defined design and development process to ensure quality and reliability of the product.

Software Capabilities

  • Pre-processing

  • Structural Analysis

  • Fatigue

  • Structural & Optimization

Analysis Capabilities

  • 01

    Structural Analysis

  • 02

    Root Bending Strength Analysis

  • 03

    Cumulated Gear tooth Flank Modification

  • 04

    Gears Contact Stresses

  • 05

    Displacement Analysis

  • 06

    CFD for oil churning