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Over the years Kalyani Transmission Technology has slowly made a mark for themselves with world-class capacities and capabilities. All the forging press lines are highly flexible.
  • 6 million

  • 0.2 to 20 kg

    Range of parts forged
  • 25

    Forging press Lines
  • 4-6 weeks

    Lead time
Development and Engineering

Development and Engineering

Kalyani Transmission Technology offers end-to-end solutions to its global customers, based on its extensive technology, product design and product development expertise.
  • 5

    Design Softwares
  • 2

    Gear Design Softwares
  • Forge 11

    Simulation Software
  • Focus on 1st Time right development
Tool and Die Manufacturing

Tool and Die Manufacturing

Our Tool and Die Manufacturing Facility follows world-class quality standards and is certified for CMM & LMM. With a state-of-the-art machining facility that is one of the largest...
  • 100%

    Inhouse Die manufacturing
  • Efficient tool life
  • 11

    High Speed machines
  • Kanban system for die storage
Transmission Components Technology

Transmission Components Technology

The plant is fully equipped for high performance gears and components suitable for NVH requirements using disruptive technologies required by CVT, DCT & EV transmissions.
  • DIN 4-6

    Accuracy Level
  • Speedy development lead time
  • Twist free gear grinding
  • 1.4 million

    No. of gears / annum
Specialised Heat Treatment

Specialised Heat Treatment

Kalyani Transmission Technology's Heat Treatment facility is QMS Certified: IATF, AS 9100 D, ISO 9001:2015. With metallurgy experts at all team levels, out HT solutions are comparable...
  • 10

    Variety of materials (alloys, steel alloys,)
  • 4

    Variety of Furnaces
  • 10

    No. of Processes
  • Process Expert in Vacuum, Brazing, LPC & Nitriding
Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing

Every solution at Kalyani Transmission Technology comprises of its unique set of equipment for quality control, testing and validation. With some of the rarest and most advanced...
  • Closed loop system with Auto correction
  • Waviness control software for low/no noise (Best NVH results)
  • 9

    Critical parameter testing equipment
  • Process Capability monitoring with Minitab software
Safety Measures

Safety Measures

We at Kalyani Transmission Technology are committed to maintain a safe & healthy work place in our organization. We aim to create our products without causing unnecessary harm..
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Reducing wastage
  • Fulfilment of relevant & legal Compliance Obligations
  • Safe & healthy workplace