Over the years Kalyani Transmission Technology has slowly made a mark for themselves with world-class capacities and capabilities. All the forging press lines are highly flexible. This gives us the decisive edge to simultaneously meet different customer demands and optimize production thus allowing us to meet the ever-growing customer demand without compromising on the quality at all. Kalyani Transmission Technology has proven to be one of the best in the world with best in class lead time, single piece flow from bar to finish & fully automatic presses. (6 axis transfer lines & robotic arms handling)

We also possess ISO annealing, spheroidized annealing, hardening & tempering furnaces.

Next Generation Forging Technologies

  • Closed Die Hot Forging
  • Closed Die Warm Forging
  • Closed Die Cold Forging
  • Precision Forging
  • Aluminum Forging
  • Near Net Shape Forging
  • Hatebur Amp 50: Fully Automatic High-Speed Forming Machine.
  • Output of 90 parts per minute.
  • 4 stage horizontal hot former suitable for parts up to a diameter of 108m.
  • Weight range of 0.70 Kg to 2 Kgs.
  • Especially suitable for small gears, races & other applications in automotive & bearing industries.
  • Closed die hot, precision & near net shape of aluminum forging.
  • Dedicated facility for controlled billet heating, Heat treatment (T6), Surface Finishing (Acid Pickling + Shot Blasting), Lab for testing of mechanical properties & chemical analysis.
  • RM Grade 6060,6061,6082, 7075.
  • Weight Range from 0.2 Kgs to 3.5 Kgs.